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There's a home for everything

What matters is knowing where it came from.


We help make the impact value of undergrades & microlots equal.

Coffee Unified is a full service trade house and green coffee importer based in San Francisco, California. We exist as conduit to market in support of landscape level conservation efforts championed by origin based civil associations, international NGO's, and grower community partnerships. Together we advance in support of regenerative and indigenous agricultural practices and quality development. Coffee Unified exists to address a range of social and environmental issues through the NEXUS of green coffee.  


* funded filmed and produced by coffee unified.

Our Coffee

Coffee. Unified.

Our mission:  fortify coffee landscapes and surrounding communities by amplifying the weakest signals of critical need pinging our radar; it is human or environmental need on a local or regional scale.

The loudest voices in a community tend to be those that advocate for reasons beyond themselves. Coffee Unified partners with these champions and provides the professional experience to organize and deliver their coffee story with pride, globally. 

We trade traceable coffee for farmers who are keystone to conservation efforts within a given area; the coffees proudly range from commercial specialty to world class micro-lots and everything in between.

We don't believe in "cherry picking." 

Coffee is an agriculture crop that grows at the mercy of an ever volatile environment. As such, even the best farmers deal with quality fluctuations year over year and even within the same harvest; it's a good thing that there's a home for everything. We partner with roasters who see value in cup diversity and a more holistic vision for the true potentiality of our global product.


Our coffee experience spans over 20 years and earnestly began as a green coffee trader for one of the first 100% sustainable coffee importers in the United States. It was a time well before the USDA National Organic Program and included long phone calls explaining farm gate traceability and deep sustainably.


Roots grew within a then small crew of micro roasters highly focused on quality and direct relationships. Business evolution led to opportunity and the chance to scale social and environmental impact by trading coffee for one of the largest trade houses in the world...   

A highly specialized skill set developed over decades provides Coffee Unified with a uniquely progressive perspective that equally benefits growers, roasters, and NGO’s alike.



CEO / Founder  

Coffee Unified, Inc.

CQI Licensed Q Grader

CQI Level 2 Professional Coffee Processor

Head Judge - Cup of Excellence


Tree. Cherry. Float. Patio.


Tree. Cherry. Float. Pulp. Patio.


Tree. Cherry. Float. Pulp. Demucilage. Wash. Patio. 



It's not just a pretty picture.

Community Text


A UNIFIED coffee market is a collaborative market built on resilient and trusted relationships. That's the community that we water and grow.


Coffee farmers play a critical role for the success and broad range sustainability of entire regions and giant communities of people.  They, like we,  are one piece in a bigger puzzle. 


Sometimes, after all of the technical assistance and capacity building, growers are nevertheless left to sell their coffee into  conventional commodity market streams; this can call the entire effort into question and hinder very important local, regional, and national sustainability initiatives at origin.


This weak and broken point in the market is the exact Nexus where Coffee Unified takes both aim and action.  We co-create community solution by unifying collective supply partnerships with roaster groups, farmers, and NGO's who are equally driven to support the capable and revolutionary hero in our story - coffee.



1543 Sloat Blvd # 320134


TEL: 415.799.8482  |  trading at coffeeunified dot com

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