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 Coffee Partnership Nexus:  Water


Coffee Unified is dedicated to the idea that coffee is a hero crop.  Our Nexus platform focuses on the point at which coffee intersects a range of environmental and social issues.   


The Coffee Partnership Nexus (CPN) puts origin based community issues ahead of the pursuit for 90 point coffees. 

(To see our list of 90 pt coffees click here. )

In pursuit of the micro, the direct, and the rare,  the most progressive contributors to our industry often under utilize the collective. Inherent to Specialty coffee is the community responsibility to quickly and efficiently address critical issues faced by our partners at origin.... together we are called to scale our pursuits beyond independent and competitive vision.  

The truth is that specialty coffee makes up a small percentage of global production and, like sustainable certification schemes, the premiums associated don't necessarily trickle down to the farm-gate or beyond. In the community landscape these premiums are often with small localized  impact and amount to a drop in the bucket of human and environmental need; additionally direct trade marketing pacifies the collective into thinking that transparency is the final step in sustainability -  it is only a precursor to the very first.  All of this takes place amid the backdrop of a volatile and increasingly disconnected commercial futures market by which many sustainable premiums are bound.    


Terms like "Specialty," "Sustainably Certified," and "Direct Trade" market to consumers to differentiate product among competitors and can subdivide and create silos in the market. None these efforts are inherently bad, quite the opposite, but in the arms race of coffee we often miss the underlying needs of producing countries and people.  

By reflecting on basic requirements for human survival and global stability, we arrive at a set of critical issues and needs for which it is our duty  - as an inextricably linked coffee community -  to take aim. 


Clean WATER is the most basic need of all.

Coffee Unified's 2018 Coffee Partnership Nexus (CPN) provides catalyst for goal number 6 of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals - clean water and sanitation.  We provide market access, quality and logistical support to farmers working with origin based organisations focused on resolving water security issues. Core concerns are watershed and soil management in coffee growing regions, water usage in processing, and water treatment post processing. 


The CPN is not meant to be transient to any particular cause. The Nexus serves to support indefinite sustainability by leveraging/harnessing collective market demand to fortify the efforts of our in country partners. Lasting solution means that all stakeholders are supported in need. Coffee Unified openly matches the wide spectrum of coffee quality that is supplied by our partners to meet the demand needs of our CPN Roasters, big and small.


We would love for you to join us!  

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