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Finca los Chocoyos.
Merlin Aleyda Medina Galeas

Cupping Notes:

oak, tired, light roast, nutty, pasty, age

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About the Land

About the Coffee

Mountain Range:

Cordillera de Montecillos


La Paz

Catuaí, Lempira and Parainema

Santa Maria






USDA NOP Organic

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Fermentation and drying information:

During the harvest we strive to make a selective harvest, harvesting only the mature grain, then it is brought to the wet mill to be processed the same day, the fermentation is natural/dry fermentation, it is done intanks and then it is washed. As for the drying of coffee, we do it in solar dryers and with drying times of an average of 15 to 20 days. It is then stored in grain-pro bags to ensure the quality of the grain.



Finca los Chocoyos.



USDA NOP Organic



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Average Age of Trees

Yield per Hectare

Trees per Hectare

Amount of Shade

The farmers
The farm

Finca los Chocoyos is a family business, we are the third generation to produce coffee, it is located in the Montecillos Region, in the Municipality of Santa María, Department of La Paz, Honduras, Central America. This Region has a Protected Designation of Origin, which is responsible for controlling the quality and origin of the coffee produced.

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18/19 Harvest Report

Overall quality was very good and production was average. With lower prices continuing on for a few years now, regionally there is less fertilization and less farm upkeep like pruning, shade management, and leaf rust control.

in the Grower's words

There are three natural springs and a lot of diversity of plants and animals, this year we made a planting of trees with in order to maintain biodiversity. The Challenges of our farm is to innovate in terms of coffee preparation trends; We have done some experiments with different coffee processes, such as: Natural, Honey and anaerobic fermentations, this with the purpose of being an innovative farm.
We are also with the project of renovating some plots of the farm with varieties that provide us with better cup quality such as the geisha and pacamara varieties.
Strengthen direct market relationships to achieve fair prices and make the farm sustainable.
Additional information of the farm:
This year I participated in the National Cup of Excellence Competition, being among the best 40 coffees in Honduras.
We have a Laboratory of Cupping that is a space that serves to identify coffees with quality potential of the producers of the Country.
I belong to the Association of Special Coffee Producers of Height Santa María (CAFESA), in which we have a group of women with innovative ideas.
My farm has the Organic and Fair Trade certification.

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