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Finca Delia
Suyapa Hernández López

Cupping Notes:

jammy, red fruits, cocoa, spice / cuts to lemon lime honey cocoa, bright, brown sugar molasseses, umami note

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About the Land

About the Coffee

Mountain Range:

Cordillera de Montecillos


La Paz

Typical and Ihcafe 90)

Santa María, La Paz, Montecillos, San Francisco,






USDA NOP Organic

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Fermentation and drying information:

Hand-picked and transferred to the micromill on the back of a mule, care is taken to harvest only the red cherries, the coffee is pulped the same day in a pulper by hand and fermented in wooden fermentation tanks because they do not have concrete tanks. The fermentation lasts 30 hours at a temperature of 22 ° C and is subsequently washed in plastic tanks, then it is dried in dome-type solar dryers, for 16 days at an average temperature of 22 ° C, finally it is placed in grainpro bags once reaching moisture of 11% and stored in a tile roof warehouse.



Finca Delia



USDA NOP Organic



Farm Size  (hectares)

Area Planted w/ Coffee


Average Age of Trees

Yield per Hectare

Trees per Hectare

Amount of Shade

The farmers
The farm

3 generation coffee grower

One of the main challenges is to to be consistent every year while maintaining and managing better and better quality. Suryapa strives plant high quality varieties (Pacamara, Geisha and Maragogipe) and would like to buy the right equipment for quality assurance and processing of her coffee.

*May have been hastily translated. Pardon spelling or grammatical errors.

18/19 Harvest Report

Overall quality was very good and production was average. With lower prices continuing on for a few years now, regionally there is less fertilization and less farm upkeep like pruning, shade management, and leaf rust control.

in the Grower's words

As a producer we are very grateful first to God and then with CAFESA and with the customers who buy my coffee. I am a member of CAFESA and I have felt the postive changes brought by being a part of the cooperative. Now we are able offer our coffee to other markets and try harder to produce quality and hopefully receive a fairer price for our work. To Coffee Unified's customers: we hope that at some time you can visit us so that you know more closely the work we do to acheive the heighest quality... and so you can further trust and and have confidence in your partners here in Honduras while learing the history of our origin and of our coffee.

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