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Finca La Demetrio
Jorge Nicolas

Cupping Notes:

floral fruits, cocoa, floral, milk chocolate, sweet, light grape / hibiscus as cools, cinnamon milk choco

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About the Land

About the Coffee

Mountain Range:

Cordillera de Montecillos


La Paz

Parainema, Catuai, icatú, Lempira

Santa Maria, Montecillos, El Naranjo - Rio Canas






USDA NOP Organic

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Fermentation and drying information:

The coffee is taken in cherry to the mill where it is first washed - removing the impurities like dirt, sticks, leaves, rocks, etc and then floated so that only well-formed and heavy cherry is processed.
Then the pulping process is then done and the coffee is fermented in concrete tanks for 36 hours at an average temperature of 26 ° C.



Finca La Demetrio



USDA NOP Organic



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Yield per Hectare

Trees per Hectare

Amount of Shade

The farmers
The farm

We want to innovate and for this we have trained and trained, all our life we ​​have been coffee producers, we are the third generation in my family producing coffee and we have already made changes and we want to continue making them in order to achieve long-term commercial ties with our clients.
We also carry out good practices in our farm, management of plant cover, planting on terraces to prevent erosion, planting shade trees and applying organic amendments to the soil.
I appreciate the trust and opportunity that has been given to us, we hope to improve and be more aware of the small details that will make our business and friendship relationship solid and lasting.

Proof that our hardwork is paying off is a pacamara lot that we evaluated this crop which obtained scores of 88 points in the SCAA format.
It has been very popular and has won local competitions.
Finca la Demetrio has participated in two events nationwide, which is called the best of Honduras “The late Harvest” farm the Demetrio participated in 2017 being in fifth place and in 2018 being in tenth place nationwide.
As a result of having participated in this competition, the Demetrio exports Microlotes to Russia and Argentina.

*May have been hastily translated. Pardon spelling or grammatical errors.

18/19 Harvest Report

Overall quality was very good and production was average. With lower prices continuing on for a few years now, regionally there is less fertilization and less farm upkeep like pruning, shade management, and leaf rust control.

in the Grower's words

One of the main challenges of the Demetrio farm is to innovate in processes of fermentation, benefitting and drying of coffee, using technologies that allow us to have scientific information and statistical data at hand that serve as a guarantee of quality to present to our customers .
Another great challenge that, together with my wife Yuliana, we are working on, is to experiment with new varieties of quality in the cup, such as Pacamara, Geisha and Maragogipe, the idea is to investigate which of these varieties adapt well to the area, are good productively and with quality in cup

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