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El Salvador

Morazan,  La Montanita


C.O.E Finalist: 

Cooperativa San Carlos Dos

 ~ Various Selections from the 17/18 Harvest ~




In 1979, Cooperative San Carlos Dos was founded in the town of Canton La Montanita in the department of Morazan, El Savador.  The Cooperatives is comprised of 126 families that manage roughly 830 manzanas.  The farms are planted primarily with the Pacas and Bourbon varieties at 1000 to 1650 meters above sea level  (Pacamara, various Hybrids, and Geisha are now also in the ground!)  San Carlos Dos is Rainforest Alliance Certified and is slowly making its way back from the leaf rust outbreak of a few years ago.  Since then, the growers  have been  diligently replanting and improving their quality through better drying techniques. The hard work is evident and finally paying off - the cooperative was a finalist in the 2018 Cup of Excellence in El Salvador!!


The farmers of San Carlos Dos are also stewards of a critical watershed located in in the Cacahuatique mountain range of El Salvador. Many important tributaries are born in this area and the watershed recharge zones consist mainly of coffee. The headwaters from this mountain range merge and provide the main water source for populations in 20 municipalities downstream - home to more than 160,000 people. The Cacahuatique range is an important water resource for Eastern El Salvador which is known for dry corridors and bouts of severe water scarcity. 



Blue Harvest is a program coordinated by Catholic Relief Services as part of CRS’ Water Smart Agriculture initiative in Central America. The goal of the initiative is to restore and manage water resources while increasing farmer income in the coffeelands of El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The program contributes to this goal in three ways: Improve sustainable coffee agroforestry production in critical watersheds by promoting water-smart agriculture, strengthen local water governance, improve farmer access to high-value markets.





The 2018 Coffee Partnership Nexus (CPN) provides catalyst for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Number 6  - clean water and sanitation.  The Partnership Nexus serves to support indefinite sustainability by leveraging/harnessing collective market demand to fortify the efforts of our in-country partners. Coffee Unified provides these networks with trade and logistical support - through to import -  and also assists in coffee quality development for those focused on resolving water security issues at origin. Core concerns for the cohort are watershed and soil management in coffee growing regions, water usage in processing, and water treatment post processing. The idea is to normalize these efforts and make them industry standard.... with your help!



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